IT-Region has extensive experience in the field of network solutions and specialises in the implementation of complex projects for the construction of effective business management systems. RETN has been working with IT-Region since 2014, helping its clients with high-quality connections and timely solutions.

Andrey Spitsyn, Director at IT-Region: «Back in 2013, a representative of RETN from Moscow called us and offered cooperation. It took quite some time to find common ground, but in 2014 we established a productive partnership. RETN was the first company that was ready to provide communication services for the whole group of our companies – that’s why we chose RETN.
We are constantly growing and developing with the help of our very reliable and high-quality uplinks, one of which is RETN, which transports circa 30% of our traffic volume. We enjoy working with the company and among other things, I would like to highlight the RETN team because it is always pleasant and comfortable to work with.
Out of our long history of cooperation, we remember one special case, that happened on New Year’s Eve a few years ago. There were some problems with the equipment around 23:00, and because of this, 4 cities had been left without the Internet. At that time, RETN was our only supplier, and since it happened on New Year’s Eve, we were afraid that the situation would not be solved soon, which would be a big blow to our reputation. But then RETN showed us its customer service. We still remember with great gratitude this case. The company’s employee on duty found the backup equipment in 30-40 minutes, prepared it, got permission to the access node, drove there, replaced the equipment, and thereby restored the service around 23:50, just before the chimes struck. It was such a New Year’s magic from RETN»