Moya Networks, an African Telecom, Partners with RETN to Expand into Europe with IP Transit
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Moya Networks, an African Telecom, Partners with RETN to Expand into Europe with IP Transit


Company overview

Moya Networks is an African Submarine and Terrestrial network aggregator that specialises in providing telecommunications services to service providers and businesses worldwide.

Their mission is to securely and transparently transport business-critical data across international telecommunications networks.


Moya Networks faced the challenge of expanding their network reach and providing reliable connectivity to their customers in countries where physical infrastructure was limited or absent.

They required a trusted partner who could assist them in increasing network diversity and extending their services to regions across the east coast of Africa, including a major hub in Kenya, through to mainland Europe. 


RETN stepped in as Moya's strategic partner, offering their market-leading IP Transit solution. With their extensive expertise in network services, RETN swiftly connected Moya to its Pan-European network, fully managing the cross-connect cabling process within the campus, enabling the physical transport link of data and IP traffic back to Moya’s network in Kenya via the PEACE Submarine Cable.

This seamless integration expanded Moya's reach along the east coast of Africa, enabling them to serve customers in Kenya and other African countries into Europe where physical presence was previously lacking. RETN provided end-to-end management of the entire process, alleviating Moya from the associated complexities. This expansion paves the way for a more connected Africa, poised to seize global opportunities and drive innovation and competitiveness in the digital age. It opens up new opportunities for African businesses to connect with their European counterparts, enabling smoother trade, facilitating economic growth, and empowering digital transformation.

Carrington Phillip

CEO, Moya

“We are extremely pleased with the exceptional support and responsiveness provided by RETN throughout our collaboration."

"They managed the entire process for us, from start to finish, and their robust network and expertise have been invaluable. By establishing a long-term partnership with RETN, we have significantly increased our network diversity and extended our reach into Europe. This has allowed us to serve customers across the continent, enabling us to grow and expand our business. RETN's commitment to seamless connectivity has truly made a difference for us." 

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