RETN IP PoP in Vladivostok

RETN has launched a new RETN IP PoP in the Russian Far East. The address of the PoP: GTRC “Vladivostok”, Uborevicha ul. 20, bld. A, 690091, Vladivostok, Russia.


New RETN PoP at GlobalConnect DC in Denmark

RETN launched a new DWDM and IP PoP at GlobalConnect data center, one of the leading data center providers in Denmark. Address of the new RETN PoP: 5 Hørskætten, 2630, Taastrup, Denmark.



RETN IP PoP in Kraków

RETN has increased the number of its IP PoPs in Poland. New RETN IP PoP is launched at Connected data center in Kraków at the following address: Krolewska str. 57, 30-081, Krakow, Poland.



RETN IP PoP in Hamburg

RETN strengthened its IP network in Germany by having lauched an IP PoP at GlobalConnect in Hamburg at the following address: Wendenstraße 377-3, Hamburg, Germany, 20537.



New RETN DWDM PoP in the Netherlands

RETN has launched a DWDM PoP at TCN Data Hotel Groningen data center. Address of the PoP: Zernikelaan 16, 9747 AA Groningen, the Netherlands.



RETN DWDM PoP in Slough, U.K.

RETN has launched a DWDM PoP at Equinix, LD5, in Slough at the following address: 8 Buckingham Avenue, Slough Trading Estate, Slough, Berkshire, UK, SL1 4AX.

LD5 equinix 600X450

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