Vienna node upgrade

RETN has made node upgrade in Vienna. Capacity of the node has risen up to 20 Gbps but can  be raised up to 100 Gbps.


RETN`s pan-European IP-ring

RETN has closed its own pan-European IP-ring by new DWDM route Moscow – Kiev – Lvov.
Capacity of the new route is 30 Gbps.


Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm DWDM upgrade

DWDM equipment on the northern route of the  RETN netrwork (Saint-Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm) has been upgraded. Now the capacity on this distance  is completely reserved by cabel lines and by photonic transport equipment. The total capacity of northern transboundary in a current configuration of the equipment makes 400 Gbps.


New York inter-nodal link upgrade (NYIIX)

RETN has upgraded its inter-nodal links in New York, enlarging the throughput capacity of its NYIIX (New York International Internet eXchange) connections to 10 Gbps.


Berlin node upgrade

RETN has made a node upgrade in Berlin. Node`s capacity has risen up to 40 Gbps but it can
be quickly raised up to 100 Gbps.


Stockholm node upgrade

The node in Stockholm has been upgraded. The total number of working 10G-ports in Stockholm is 21.


London node upgrade

The node in London has been upgraded. The capacity of the distance London – Amsterdam is 10G now.

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