RETN is shortlisted for PTC Awards 2020

We are delighted to be shortlisted by PTC Awards 2020 where we submitted our entry in the category “Outstanding Wireline Company” operating in Asia and APAC.

RETN has been paving its way into Asia for seven years to become an Eurasian provider. At the moment we have 4 offices in Asia and APAC with 16 employees to support local economies and smooth operational activity in the regions. We have set up 12 PoPs in East and Southeast Asia, directly linked to the RETN backbone in Europe to improve connectivity between Eurasian countries and to support their economic growth.

We keep on growing, and believe our achievements serve the real customers’ needs as well as  positively influence international connectivity.

The PTC Awards 2020 are intended to acknowledge the outstanding contributions being made to improve the ability of people and firms in the Pacific region to connect, communicate, collaborate, and experience an enhanced quality of life. The awards also serve to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of information and communications, as well as those aligned with PTC’s mission to connect people and organizations for a better world.

We are proud to be a part of the event, and look forward to the outcome at the awards ceremony on 20th of January, 2020 which will be hold in Honolulu, Hawaii.