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10 сентября, 2021



сент. 10, 2021
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Обзор события


Last week the RETN team held their 2021 Sales Meeting. Although the event was meant to be “pump your skills” and oriented towards the sales team, every employee was invited to join. It was a truly educational day with lots of entertaining moments which focused the whole team on the year ahead.

The Sales Awards 2021, hosted by Mario Kohl and Petr Akulshin, were the highlight with some truly emotional acceptance speeches (the Oscars have nothing on the RETN awards). Awards winners Luc Janssen, Elena Lutsenko, Roy Tan, Alexandr Khudyakov, Janos Matula, Oswald Huang, and Karim Tubin, RETN salutes your achievements. RETN regional directors introduced some fascinating customer case studies, with some wonderful insights for all involved about what makes RETN tick and why our customers like using our services. Mario Kohl, Chief Sales Officer, and Peter Akulshin, Deputy Chief Sales Officer, were the greatest hosts ever and gave an inspiring perspective of RETN future plans in this division. The Marketing department shared the latest results, Nataly Byelous, Group Marketing Director, talked about the first achievements of the team and gave a sneak peak of the future plans.

Tony O’Sullivan, CEO, gave the most entertaining, and motivational speech with a wide ranging view about what lies ahead for the company. Overall, the meeting had a relaxed and informative format, and despite it being online it felt genuinely unifying.