RETN activates the second undersea cable HEL-TLN

The new undersea cable enhances connectivity between Northern and Central Europe on the RETN network. Directly connecting two data centers in Helsinki (Elisa DC) and Tallinn (Telia DC), the new link complements the existing subsea system to improve the speed, performance and resiliency of the connections for customers in the region.

Timur Pertenava, the Regional Technical Manager in Baltic & Nordic, comments on the recent deployment: “The new route is 20 km shorter than the existing subsea cable link across the Baltic Sea, and enables us to deliver customer’s essential data with a reduced latency (appx. 1 ms) from Helsinki to Tallinn, and onwards to mainland Europe. The new cable provides additional redundancy, which is important in case of undersea cable breaks, allowing our customers to choose from a variety of fully protected services available on-net. The new capacity is lit up on Infinera’s last generation equipment, which smoothly integrates into the homogeneous network infrastructure, fully operated and managed by RETN.”

To support continuous network development in Northern Europe and to offer new connectivity possibilities to customers, RETN has recently deployed a new PoP in Helsinki, located at Equinix HE6. The PoP has become the 5th on-net location on the RETN network in Finland.