New RETN PoP at Hetzner data center, Nuremberg

RETN launches a new PoP at Hetzner Online GmbH data center in Nuremberg.

Hetzner is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. The company owns several facilities in Germany and Finland, popular with both local companies and internationally. Adding this new facility to the RETN network helps us strengthen our presence in Germany by increasing the number of well-known and valued platforms where we can offer our protected connectivity services.


Located on the halfway between Prague and Frankfurt, Nuremberg is a key PoP on the South Way of our Eurasian network – TRANSKZ, one of the shortest terrestrial routes on the market, linking all major locations in Europe to Central and East Asia across one network. If you are looking into Europe-Asia connectivity options with or from Germany, get it touch with our local experts.