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Google Verified Gold Peering Partnership

Jun 18, 2024#Network#Company news#Partnerships

News overview

Google Verified Gold Peering Partnership

London – June 18, 2024 - As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services for critical operations, highly available internet connectivity becomes essential. RETN, the leading independent global network services provider, is proud to announce its designation as a Google Verified Gold Peering Partner. This recognition, granted to RETN’s Autonomous System (AS9002), underscores the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier connectivity solutions to its customers across Europe and Asia.

The Verified Peering Partner program is designed to enhance connectivity for customers by identifying Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with superior, reliable, and diverse connectivity to Google.

RETN’s achievement of Gold status in this program is a testament to its technical excellence and robust network infrastructure and provides significant advantages for its customers:

Simplified Connectivity: Customers no longer need to meet Google's peering requirements. RETN, as a Verified Gold Peering Partner, handles the complexities of peering arrangements, allowing customers to spend less time deploying and managing the technical complexities of Direct Peering. By acquiring IP Transit or Dedicated Internet Access from RETN, customers can let RETN manage peering with the highest quality direct connections to Google.

High Availability: The Verified Gold badge signifies that RETN provides metro-level redundant connectivity, ensuring maximum reliability for customers. The Google badge verifies this redundancy, offering peace of mind that connectivity to Google is highly reliable.

Enterprise-Grade Connectivity: RETN provides connectivity to Google through internet products designed for enterprises. Customers can access Google services with or without the need for an autonomous system number (ASN), and work directly with RETN's account teams.

Dedicated Private Google Connectivity: All connections to Google through RETN are managed via private dedicated and redundant links spanning RETN’s extensive footprint, leveraging the same infrastructure that supports Google's own services. This ensures robust and secure access to all Google services.

Access to All Google Services: RETN customers can access a wide range of Google services, including Workspace, Cloud APIs, Cloud VPN, Google Public IPs, and more. Any Google service reachable over the internet can be used with RETN as a Verified Peering Provider.

“The Verified Peering Program is a win-win for Google and ISPs. Google customers benefit from improved connectivity and reliability, and RETN gains a competitive advantage. We're excited to have RETN as a part of this program and look forward to working together to provide a great experience for our mutual customers,” said Dave Schwartz, Senior Product Manager, Google Global Networking.

“This recognition underscores our dedication to providing the highest quality connectivity solutions to our customers - ensuring robust, redundant, and highly available connectivity to essential cloud services is more critical than ever. This partnership not only enhances our service offerings but also assures our customers that they are receiving enterprise-grade, reliable access to Google's extensive suite of services,” said Andrey Gazizov, Chief Operating Officer of RETN.

About RETN

RETN is one of the fastest growing independent global network services providers, with unique resources to connect Europe and Asia. In 2023 RETN was awarded the ‘Best Pan-European Carrier’ title, at the Global Carrier Awards. Offering a wide range of connectivity services, such as IP transit, Ethernet & VPN, Capacity, Remote peering to major IXPs, Colocation and Cloud Connect, RETN’s network runs on leading equipment vendors such as Infinera, Juniper and Ciena.

RETN’s unique solution to connect Europe and Asia is built on its own homogenous DWDM and IP/MPLS Network Platform and widely branched land routes, passing through Western Europe, Eastern Europe and up to the border with China and further onwards into Southeast Asia.

RETN provides telecommunication services throughout its Eurasian network with short lead times, industry leading uptimes, and multiple layers of redundancy.

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