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Product overview

RETN’s vast experience as a leading global ISP guarantees a fast and reliable Internet service from multiple locations worldwide.

Our extensively interconnected IP network offers scalable access to the global Internet for both wholesale and corporate clients. 24/7 technical support, multiple layers of network protection and geographically diverse high bandwidth connections to major IXPs, NSPs and ISPs, deployed across RETN’s own DWDM network ensures control, scalability, and class-leading performance.

RETN Internet is a carrier-grade service that provides interconnection between the customer’s IP network, and the global Internet based on the RETN IP network through a single Autonomous System, AS9002. This service is suitable for customers with their own Autonomous System (AS) as IP Transit or is available as DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) for enterprise customers and service providers who don’t have an AS number but need robust high-speed access to the Internet.

IP Transit and Internet Access are available at any bandwidth up to N x 100Gbps.

RETN Internet service is safeguarded by complimentary, essential DDoS Protection features, deployed across the network and for all customers.

We also offer a range of supplementary DDoS protection methods to enhance service availability: Extended Blackhole, FlowSpec and DDoS Mitigation. All protection methods are described under RETN DDoS Protection Services.

RETN have implemented and deployed routing policies using RPKI Origin Validation: this means that AS9002 no longer accepts or redistributes BGP route announcements considered “invalid” under Origin Validation process (RFC 6811).

RPKI Origin Validation is an additional level of security for our BGP Customers and Peering Partners, which highly reduces the impact of BGP route hijacks and BGP misconfigurations.

RETN is also a member of MANRS, a global community of security-minded organizations committed to making global routing infrastructure more robust and secure.

Product Benefits

Expansive network coverage

One of the best-interconnected networks in the world

Available at over 870+ PoPs on-net worldwide

Multiple 100Gb based backbone

100G ports available in 99% of locations

RPKI Origin Validation

Dual IPv4/IPv6 stack

Multiple BGP sessions on a single port

Automated BGP Filter Management

Manageable routing policy by BGP communities

DDoS protection tools offered as standard across RETN’s network

Flexible billing and contract terms