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BGP Solutions

A wide selection of wholesale services and tools for global IP routing


Solution Overview

RETN understands what it takes to grow from a small Service Provider to a bigger one, keeping quality as a priority in order to best serve the customer.

Years of experience walking the same path brought us an understanding of what is required to succeed.


Whereas most providers will automatically try to push a pure IP Transit solution, having a reliable upstream provider works most effectively when combined with maximising peering connectivity and relationships, being present at core locations for reachability, and being protected from DDoS attacks to avoid congestion and outages.

These are all paramount goals for any Service Provider or up and coming OTT.

RETN offers all of that, providing advice and blended solutions based upon our years of experience building our business the same way.

What do you get?

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IP Transit

Fast and reliable connectivity to the Global Internet from a large number of locations worldwidethrough a single Autonomous Number, AS9002.

Combining excellent peering relationships, along with premium upstream providers for redundancy, our IP transit service is engineered to provide great performance, with a strong peering policy, and enhanced security through the implementation of RPKI Origin Validation and Pamir DDoS protection across the whole network.

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Gateway to multiple IXPs

Extend your reach with peering connections away from your core: a broad network ofgeographically diverse peers accessible from any RETN PoP.

We can provide access to all major IXs in Europe and Asia: AMS-IX, BBIX, BCIX, BIX, DECIX, DTEL-IX, France-IX, INEX, LINX, MIX, MSK-IX, Netnod, VIX.