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Managed Global Private Network

Secure and reliable connection wherever you are


Solution Overview

RETN will help you design the best way to meet your business needs, and create a personalized comprehensive solution.

Integrate them with RETN’s Cloud Connect service to all major global cloud providers for seamless access to storage and compute, whether you follow an on-site, cloud or hybrid solution, we can help.


With the rapid growth of your business, it is crucial you have a reliable and real-time network between your offices, facilities and different data centers.

From digital transformation to full business automation, seamlessly access all of your locations, business-critical cloud platforms and applications, making your business processes easier and faster.

RETN will help you design the best way to cater for your business’ requirements and create a unique comprehensive solution.


The world has moved on. Even businesses who have been trading for over a century are finding new ways of doing business, interacting with their customers and reaching new markets. The problem is their network providers haven’t moved on, stuck in an old world where the customer has to put up with poor network speeds, unreliable connectivity, non-existent customer service when things go wrong and seemingly no escape from interminable contracts.

Use a network where the customer comes first. We will help you build and manage your network wherever you are, with whatever you need to grow your business. Today’s businesses are all about secure and reliable connectivity. While your business grows you will need different resources, applications and network flexibility as your business adapts to an ever-changing world. Trust the industry experts on your digital transformation.

What do you get?

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Trust a global expert

If your business is stretched geographically it is important that your connectivity is not time-zonedependent. Our Managed Global Private Network solution offers secure and privateconnectivity at 870+ locations all over the world.

The RETN network architecture providesmultiple levels of redundancy, built upon our own network, fully managed by our expert in-houseengineering team, available 24/7.

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Prepare for future growth

Managed Global Private Network solution ensures future scalability for your business. TheRETN network offers bandwidths up to 100Gbps using the latest optical transport and IPtechnologies from Infinera, Ciena and Juniper and is accessible via our 870+ Points of presence. Access is not an issue if you are not present where we are.

We can reach yourlocations using traditional fiber connectivity or using our Last Mile over IP (LMoIP) technology, wecan provide access from remote sites in a matter of days, either as a permanent or a temporarysolution whilst waiting for fiber provision. Whatever size you are, you can enhance and improveyour business and its processes. RETN’s multiple redundancy solutions and high capacityservices, allow uninterrupted, future proofed communication.