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Ethernet & VPN


Product Overview

RETN Ethernet services are a family of network technologies enabling the deployment of Virtual Private Networks. 

VPNs are used for connecting remote customer’s sites by means of logically distributed bandwidth between customer’s nodes across our own IP/MPLS backbone based on state-of-the-art Juniper equipment.

There are 3 types of VPN services

  • EPL: Ethernet Private Line or simply a point-to-point ethernet Service
  • VPLS: multipoint Layer 2 VPN 
  • IP-VPN: multipoint Layer 3 VPN

RETN Ethernet and VPN services are available at various port speeds starting from 1Mbps to 10Gbps as standard. Customers can also bundle multiple services using a single interface, taking advantage of our One Port solution. Higher bandwidth requirements, i.e. 100G port capacity, are available upon request, please contact us for further information.


RETN introduces a more efficient way to deliver VPN services to remote locations without the need of a last mile transport service: clients are able to use Internet Access as a network overlay to connect to the nearest RETN Gate and access the RETN Network Platform. This solution helps save expenditure on the local loops, reduces service delivery time and provides flexibility to scale in the future. Please speak with your Account Representative for more information. The RETN IP/MPLS network is built over diverse, redundant fiber routes connecting over 870+ Points of Presence Worldwide.

Our unique network topology ensures optimal traffic flow via the shortest path available and the RETN network encompasses extensive low latency terrestrial paths connecting Europe to Asia. All RETN Ethernet & VPN services are configured in the assured-forwarding class by default, allowing us to prioritise the traffic over all other types, depending on bandwidth. In case of a fiber cut or any other issue, traffic is automatically rerouted to the next best available path.

Product Benefits

Vast network reach

Available at over 870+ PoPs on-net worldwide

Multiple 100Gb based backbone

Extensive metro coverage via own fiber network and through multiple connected local access providers

Ethernet solutions based on MEF standards

Availability of protected last miles

Juniper IP/MPLS platform fully owned and operated by RETN

1Q VLAN tags (QinQ) and other Protocols transparency available

Customizable Class of Service on request

Flexible billing and contract terms