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Remote IX


Product overview

RETN’s Remote IX service enables customers to become full members of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges remotely with minimal capital outlay.

Peering at the Internet Exchanges allows you to reduce your expenses for IP Transit and obtain greater control over your traffic routing. Through partnerships with the major peering platforms, RETN is able to provide you seamless access to multiple IXPs from a single port. Whether you are an expanding ISP or rising star network provider, you can exchange traffic with geographically diverse peers by being connected to a peering platform remotely from any RETN PoP.

RETN is the leading global remote peering provider, connecting an extensive number of customers through its IP/MPLS network. Remote IX service enables you to use RETN’s infrastructure and port capacity to access multiple geographic points: no hardware costs, no colocation costs, use a single port for multiple IXPs. Customers can also bundle multiple services using a single interface, taking advantage of our One Port solution

Product Features


  • AMS-IX - Amsterdam Internet Exchange, The Netherlands
  • BBIX – Tokyo, Japan
  • BCIX - Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange, Germany
  • BIX - Budapest Internet Exchange, Hungary
  • DE-CIX - Deutschland Commercial Internet Exchange, Frankfurt, Germany - Top Reseller 2020
  • DTEL-IX - Digital Telecom IX, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • France-IX - Paris, France
  • INEX - Dublin, Ireland
  • LINX - London Internet Exchange, UK - Platinum ConneXions Partner
  • MIX - Milan, Italy
  • MSK-IX - Moscow Internet Exchange, Russia
  • Netnod - Swedish/Scandinavian Internet Exchange, Stockholm
  • VIX - Vienna Internet Exchange, Austria

Product Benefits

Access to multiple IX and other RETN services on a single port

Available via all RETN on-net PoPs

Optimisation and control of traffic on operational and qualitative level

Cost minimisation of purchasing, installation and maintenance of equipment

Single point of contact for contract, service set up and management

Highly professional maintenance and control of the connection between you and the IX

Qualified 24×7 technical support