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A Unique Terrestrial Cable System to connect Europe and Asia


Solution Overview

TRANSKZ is an innovative express gateway linking Europe to Asia on a single, homogenous, terrestrial, DWDM system from a single network provider.

It is fully protected connecting Europe to Asia with 15,000km of fiber from Frankfurt to Hong Kong (the shortest route) and a 143.18ms round trip delay time.


The system provides a guaranteed SLA of 99.7% for layer 1 services (99.95% for layer 2) with measured up time >99.99%.

Similar up time on subsea systems would typically require n+2 circuits, in order to be achieved and still would not pay SLA credits for any outages.

In the modern world, where global financial, social and gaming communities compete for every millisecond (ms) of round trip delay and every second of downtime counts, TRANSKZ is revolutionising communications between Europe and Asia.


The world has been using subsea cable systems since 1856 at the dawn of the telegraph and we still use them today for the vast majority of intercontinental data transmission. The reasons for their continued use are clear. Easier to provision and plan than terrestrial cables (with their border crossings, wayleaves, and issues with land use rights), they provide cheap, ubiquitous access to a different continent…except when they don’t. The typical subsea cable system is made up of multiple consortium partners, not to mention the backhaul partners from the landing stations.

Installs and upgrades take forever, and that easier provisioning takes a lot of time also. And don’t even think about the mean time to repair in case of a subsea fiber cut, what terrestrially takes 8 hours to repair, on subsea can take 4 months, all the while there are no SLA credits. Of course, traditional terrestrial cables suffer from some of the same issues’ consortiums present, not to mention the additional cost as each partner jostles for their fair share. Now for Europe to Asia, it doesn’t have to be this way.

What do you get?

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Europe to Asia in record breaking time

With RETN’s TRANSKZ you are getting one of the shortest paths across Europe to Asia. Unique terrestrial connectivity from any point on the RETN network in Europe (that means most of Europe!) into: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan all delivered with full protection, the lowest MTTR, the highest uptime, and backed by acomprehensive SLA.

Need to connect elsewhere in South East Asia? TRANSKZ can be extended using RETN’s subsea backbone into Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. Need to connect to a different mainland Chinese city? Ask about our bespoke solutions.

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Efficiency and flexibility

RETN offers a one-stop shop for multiple territories on one network. There are no limitationsfor your growth, pick different locations and different services with your one-stop-shop,trusted partner of multiple global enterprises and network providers.

Thanks to the use of the latest Infinera DWDM solution and our in-house team’s dedication to service provision, wecan typically provide service up to 10Gbps within a matter of days and 100Gbps services ina few weeks.

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Reliability and Security

RETN’s TRANSKZ is a fully protected solution with terrestrial routes of similar lengths. Theyform one system controlled by a single provider using industry-leading Infinera and Juniperoptical transport and IP technology which offers security and reliability.

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Trustworthy partner

RETN is a trusted partner of multiple global enterprises and network providers and thefastest growing independent European provider of network services. Our innovativeTRANSKZ solution received an award of the “project of the year” by Global Carrier Awards2019

The team of engineers and local experts are there for you, to help improve andmanage your business securely and efficiently. We fully manage our own network stretchedacross three continents. We are proud of our exceptional service delivery to ensure anunprecedented customer experience for you and your clients.

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Consistent Pricing

We provide certainty of pricing on your next order. Don’t put up with excuses from subseaproviders about increased prices due to capacity constraints which are ultimately driven bythe long upgrade cycles far out of their control.

TRANSKZ’s upgrade cycle is managed byRETN and with a total system capacity from China to Europe of 8Tbps. TRANSKZ is readywhen you need to expand with no nasty pricing surprises.

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Unique solution

TRANSKZ is a truly unique solution. There are plenty of pretenders on the market. None ofthem offer the multiple layers of redundancy on a homogenous DWDM network, this is whyRETN can deliver so quickly and provide such great SLAs.

A typical pretender network connecting Europe to Asia uses the DWDM systems of between 3 and 5 different partners. Itdoesn’t take much imagination to understand what happens when there is a problem on thenetwork, or a service delivery needs to be expedited!


Discover an outstanding network with one of the lowest latencies on the market

Benefit from fully diverse paths between Frankfurt and Hong Kong

Enjoy the unique geographical coverage and high performance, and super fast delivery

Benefit from solutions when there is no subsea capacity available in the marketplace between Europe and APAC. No more excuses about increased prices due to capacity constraints

Reach “difficult” markets in Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia, all connected by a single network: Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Kazakhstan, China and beyond

No need for stressful and long maintenance, TRANSKZ offers substantially lower MTTR than Subsea cable solution

Trust the best suppliers - TRANSKZ is powered by Infinera DWDM platform

Relax and benefit from 24/7 end-to-end support team

Enjoy the flexible bandwidth of N*100G up to 8Tb

Benefit from premium SLA terms (99.7% for layer 1, 99.95% for layer 2)

Layer 2 Ethernet & IP VPN Service from 1Mb

Capacity offer includes 10G/100G and OTU-2 and OTU-4 services

Try out our Innovative TRANSKZ solution, awarded the “project of the year” by Global Carrier Awards 2019

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