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product overview

RETN Capacity is a layer 1 transport service using wavelengths (lambdas).

This is a fixed route and bandwidth point-to-point service for any organization requiring high capacity, availability, and reliability such as ISPs, Content Providers and many others. Capacity transport services are provided over RETN’s own multi-Terabit fiber-optic network.

Scalable bandwidths, diverse routing and protection options, together with the latest generation equipment ensure that our clients get all the necessary flexibility and security to transport their data between core and remote sites with maximum efficiency.

Product Features

Wavelength speed availability:


1Gbps*, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps, 400Gbps**, 800Gbps

*Available in a limited number of locations

**Available in most locations

Offered as Unprotected, Protected, or Fully Diverse options

Ethernet, SONET/SDH or OTN presentation

Latest generation DWDM Line Systems with Transponders only from industry-leading manufacturers, Infinera and Ciena

Product Benefits

Complete transparency for network management purposes

Quality performance for voice, data, storage, and video traffic

Vast network reach

Available at over 380+ RETN DWDM PoPs worldwide

Rapid delivery: up to 5 working days for standard unprotected and protected orders

Real-time network monitoring

Competitive Service Level Agreement, up to 99.95% availability

Flexible billing and contract terms