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Secure and high-quality point-to-point data transmission service provided over RETN’s fiber-optic network using wavelength division (DWDM) technology. Service is delivered either as fully transparent Ethernet, SDH or even ODU transport.

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From one of the world's leading AS numbers, delivered over a geographic all extensive in house controlled DWDM system, well peered and interconnected with premium global IP networks. RETN can provide Internet services worldwide at any desired bandwidth with the highest direct connectivity.

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Ethernet & VPN

Ethernet backbone services - fast and secure consolidation of customer’s remote LANs and/or devices by means of logically distributed bandwidth between customer’s nodes across the RETN network’s infrastructure.

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Remote IX

Remote access to the leading international Internet Exchange Platforms (AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, Netnod etc.) from any of the RETN PoPs across our extensive network.

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Colocation of client’s equipment at more than 320+ data centers worldwide with a possibility to directly connect to the RETN network.

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Cloud Connect

Dedicated private connections to major cloud service providers enabling you to take benefit of the latest cloud computing technologies in a simple and efficient manner from any of the RETN PoPs.

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DDoS Protection

The RETN DDoS Protection suite is a robust collection of security services designed to protect your network and infrastructure from various types of DDoS attacks.

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