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Company overview

VIDI ( – is a global independent service provider with more than thirty-five years of experience in professional live TV broadcast services.

The company supports its clients worldwide in the field of converging broadcast and telecommunication technologies for events and for permanent networks.

VIDI broadcasted events such as: Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 in Latvia, various Wintersports Events from Oberhof and Oberstdorf in 2020/21, Rugby WM 2019 in Japan, Soccer World Cup 2018 in Russia, Women’s Soccer World Cup 2019 in France and many others.


TV, broadcast and telecommunications


worldwide, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany

Company size

18 people in the core team plus freelancers worldwide


Covid-19 brought a lot of challenges to most industries, with the events industry one of the most heavily affected.

All of the elements which in normal times are constants; location, date, time etc suddenly became potential variables. Factoring in these variables became an essential part of planning, even for remote access provided by broadcast services. The Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 was not an exception, showing that planning and partner choice count. VIDI came to RETN to be a reliable partner in Latvia to organize the live broadcast of that competition, which took place in Riga from 21 of May to 6 of June 2021.


RETN provided a complex solution for the customer, including redundant long haul wavelengths services from Riga to Frankfurt and Riga to London as well as fully monitored last miles to the event facilities.

The main goal was to provide 100% stable connectivity for the live broadcast. There were very challenging delivery terms, exacerbated by the last-minute changes on the venue side. The RETN local team excelled and demonstrated their flexibility by supporting the changed customer venue – migrating all equipment from the Riga Arena to the alternative location, the Olympic Centre TV compound. This was done on a weekend, performing reconfiguration and testing of services over night.

Live broadcasting of Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 lasted for 2 weeks and was broadcast without interruption or quality issues thanks to the network services from RETN.

Karsten Winterberg

Owner and Technical Director at VIDI

«We are very much satisfied with RETN’s speed in delivery, the customer focus, the willingness and flexibility to react on changes announced last minute.»

“We know how challenging the event business can be, though we are happy to have a stable and strong partner like RETN to deal with such complex projects. Last but not least, we appreciate the technical skills and excellence of the team on site, being available at any time supporting the setup and changes with their local knowledge and experience.”

Mario Kohl

Chief Sales Office at RETN

«We knew from our initial conversations that VIDI would request our full technical support at the Event venue. »

“Working with VIDI means that we as RETN have to deliver a quality of service beyond typical standards with a highly consistent service quality. I’m delighted that we met VIDI’s and their customers’ expectations.”

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