RETN Capacity service offers two types of leased channels

1. WAVELENGTHS based on the latest generation DWDM technology

RETN WL («wavelength») – a fixed, non-switchable point-to-point DWDM wavelength with constant bandwidth between two fixed points over RETN’s fiber network.

RETN WLP (protected wavelength) – is a fixed, non-routed, point-to-point channel with constant bandwidth and automated protection via geographically diverse routes.

Customers can choose an unprotected service, or take advantage of protected solutions to ensure higher availability of their traffic delivery between fixed points.

For both services wavelength connectivity runs on dedicated fiber and optical equipment.

Capacity service based on DWDM technology is offered at different speeds and supports multiple interface types:

1GbE1 Gbps
10GbE LAN PHY / WAN PHYnx10 Gbps
100GbE100 Gbps

2. PRIVATE LINE SERVICE based on SDH/SONET technology:

RETN PLS (private line service) – is a service of leasing a fixed, non-routed, point-to-point channel with constant bandwidth using SDH/SONET technology.

The service is provided over RETN’s optical and electrical interfaces at following speeds:

Private LineSpeed
SONET OC-12SDH STM-4622 Mbps
SONET OC-48SDH STM-162.5Gbps
SONET OC-192SDH STM-6410 Gbps
SONET OC-768SDH STM-25640 Gbps

Dark Fibre Lease

By leasing dark fibre and providing last miles across RETN’s transboundary network and metro-networks, we offer a cost-effective service to enable you to scale you network demands and business needs.

The service is available in selected regions. For more information, please contact us at or check with your Account Representative at RETN.

RETN Capacity and Dark Fibre Lease services utilise a guaranteed SLA and 24×7 technical support.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Complete transparency for network management purposes
  • Quality performance for voice, data, storage and video traffic
  • Vast network reach
  • Available over 110 DWDM RETN PoPs worldwide
  • Latest generation Infinera 500 G DWDM super-channel equipment
  • 4 Tb protected ring network architecture
  • Protected Wavelength option
  • Wavelength Service supports Ethernet (1/10/nx10/100G) or SDH (STM-1/4/16/64)
  • Rapid delivery: up to 5 working days for standard unprotected and protected orders
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Flexible billing and contract terms