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Asco TLC Partners with RETN for DDoS Protection


Company overview

Asco TLC is an Italian internet service provider that began operations in 2001 based in Treviso, with the goal of reducing the ‘digital divide’ in the province by creating a fibre-optic telecommunications network.

Working closely with local companies and organisations, it developed a highly competitive economic district based on cutting-edge telecommunications services and advanced IT services provided by its own data centres.

Over the years, the company earned a reputation for providing high-quality internet services to its customers. As of now, Asco TLC has approximately 1500 customers, among them some of the most important Italian brands with a substantial presence both domestically and internationally.





Company size

35 people


Working closely with companies that face increasingly advanced threats to their critical business systems every day, Asco TLC recognised the need for a reliable provider to collaborate with to mitigate these risks and ensure that their customers receive the best possible service.

Cyber-attacks aim to overload a company's servers until they become unusable and prevent access to services, if not managed properly, these attacks could severely damage the customers' brand image, decrease productivity, and reduce market share.


RETN provided Asco TLC with an innovative and comprehensive solution that included the provision of high-performance IP bandwidth and an effective anti-DDoS service. Protected IP Transit from RETN is a reliable, fast to implement solution, and highly effective in countering DDoS attacks. It enabled Asco TLC to identify, track and combat malicious traffic to ensure business continuity.

In addition, RETN provided constant support during the configuration and training phase of Asco TLC's technicians on the new solution. Thanks to this partnership with RETN, Asco TLC is now able to provide to its customers high-quality and secure internet services, with advanced protection from any cyber-attacks.

Alessandro Ometto

Sales Director of Asco TLC

“RETN's anti-DDoS service was a game-changer for Asco TLC!"

"We can now provide high-quality and secure internet services to our customers with advanced protection from cyber-attacks. Thanks to our partnership with RETN, we have a significant competitive advantage on the Italian market and can better serve our customers' needs.”

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