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CEE CEE Summer Pre-Party 2023 – Belgrade


06 September, 2023



Sep 06, 2023

Event overview

CEE CEE Summer Pre-Party 2023 – Belgrade

RETN is delighted to host our flagship pre-party in Belgrade, marking the spectacular beginning of CEE CEE Summer 2023! On September 6th, we have the pleasure of gathering with our partners and valued customers, providing an ideal opportunity to reconnect, unwind, and foster new connections before the official CEE event begins.

Our dedicated Wholesale Team, including Amy Bajer, Dariusz Antczak, Janos Matula, and Bodosi Szabolcs, will attend the CEE CEE Summer conference – a pivotal gathering for Carriers worldwide. This event brings together top-level executives, operators, carriers, ISPs, VoIP providers, and technical partners, contributing significantly to the advancement of global connectivity.

For those who missed it, we hope to see you at future events! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming gatherings and opportunities to connect with us.