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RETN Announces 3 New PoPs in London, Poznań, Tallinn

Jul 19, 2023#Network#Company news#Partnerships

News overview

3 New PoPs in London, Poznań, and Tallinn

London/Poznan/Tallinn - July 19, 2023 - RETN, a leading international network services provider, announces the RETN network grows stronger with three new Points of Presence (PoPs) deployed to meet customer demands and expand presence in key cities and strategic locations offering all RETN services, and reinforcing our commitment to delivering flexible, reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions.

In London, we've deployed a PoP at Lumen DC in Goswell Road, enabling IP Transit services to new customers, expanding our presence in one of the world's major cities. “Our new PoP in Goswell Road exemplifies our commitment to grow our presence in the UK, bringing RETN’s network services to more UK based ISPs, NSPs and content providers.” Chris Elliott, Commercial Director, RETN UK.

Our expansion in Poznań brings the Talex DC on Karpia Street on-net, acting as the main DWDM node in Poznań, a key hub on our primary DWDM transport routes for Poland and onto Ukraine and the Baltic states, whilst also facilitating our presence in the local Poznań market. "Talex boasts extensive interconnectivity within the Poznań area, establishing it as a strategic hub for numerous telco and enterprise customers. This new PoP enables seamless accessibility to our extensive network and services for a wide range of businesses, both present and future.” Amy Bajer, Managing Director, RETN Poland & CEE.

Lastly, we've established a PoP in Tallinn at Greenergy DC, serving new IP Transit and Capacity customers and establishing a presence in one of the largest and most sustainable data centres in the Baltics, known for its outstanding energy efficiency and highest certification standards. “We’re happy to announce this important next step for RETN’s network development in the Nordic and Baltic region, as we continue building our strength as a leading gateway between Western and Eastern Europe, catering to the diverse connectivity requirements of our wholesale and enterprise customers. This will further appeal to organisations with a commitment to sustainability and those prioritising environmentally friendly practices.” Timur Pertenava, Commercial Director, RETN Nordic and Baltic.

These mark 50+ new PoPs over the past 12 months, on top of an additional 10 new network routes in the Pan-European region.


About RETN

RETN is one of the fastest growing independent Eurasian network services providers, with unique resources to connect Europe and Asia. It offers a wide range of connectivity services, such as IP transit, Ethernet & VPN, Capacity, Remote peering to major IXPs, Colocation and Cloud Connect. Encompassing more than 132,000km across 865+ PoPs, it allows RETN to have maximum control of its physical network, which is running on leading equipment vendors such as Infinera, Juniper and Ciena.

RETN’s unique solution to connect Europe and Asia is built on its own homogenous DWDM and IP/MPLS Network Platform and widely branched land routes, passing through Western Europe, Eastern Europe and up to the border with China and further onwards into Southeast Asia.

RETN provides telecommunication services throughout its Eurasian network with short lead times, industry leading uptimes, and multiple layers of redundancy for its 1800 customers.

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