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RETN partners with Namex

Aug 12, 2022#Company news

News overview

RETN partners with Namex

RETN is actively developing its presence in Italy – joining Namex along the way, the main internet hubs in Central and Southern Italy. The mission of Namex is to provide a neutral infrastructure to interconnect national and international players to evolve and enhance the Italian internet infrastructure.

Leonid Shuralev, Managing Director of RETN in Italy speaks about joining Namex:

“We are actively developing and expanding in Italy - that is why opening a PoP in Rome was the logical next step in evolving our presence in Italy. A location such as NAMEX is crucial for us to continue improving the connectivity of local customers by providing our services from the most connected data centre in Rome."

He added: "We are constantly looking for opportunities for the development and expansion of our network to anticipate the growing needs of our local and international customers. We are sure that our collaboration will be beneficial for both of us and most importantly will serve our clients’ best interest.”