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RETN will perform at the UKOS 2021


15 June, 2021



Jun 15, 2021#Company news

Event overview

RETN will perform at the UKOS 2021

Elena Lutsenko, Managing Director RETN Black Sea Region, will hold a session at the 11th Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators #UCOS on June 18th. The main topic of the intensive, held by Elena Lutsenko, is Who is The Real SuperMan in Sales.

Elena will discuss the following topics:

– What interferes, and what helps to interact with partners and clients? – The role of emotions in negotiations. – Mistakes that spoil the psyche and profitable contracts. – 20 exclusive lifehacks for a great seller.

Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators – the main large-scale event of the Ukrainian telecom market that is held yearly in Bukovel. The series of events will take place from 17th of June to 20th of June in Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel.