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Enhancing Global Connectivity and Network Quality for Bacloud


Company Overview

Bacloud, a prominent player in the data center services sector, offers a wide array of solutions including dedicated servers, bare metal servers, virtual servers, hosting, domain name registration, and server colocation. With a focus on customization to meet client-specific needs, Bacloud stands out for its ability to design tailored services ranging from custom dedicated or bare metal servers to comprehensive servers and network infrastructure solutions.

Bacloud serves over 25,000 small to mid-sized businesses, web and software developers, and blockchain enthusiasts, offering solutions that cater to their unique needs for network stability and low latency, particularly in a global context.


The primary requirement Bacloud faced was meeting its diverse client base's demands for network stability and low latency, especially for customers located in continents like Asia where latency posed a significant challenge. The quality and connectivity of network services, particularly across different countries and providers, were critical pain points that needed addressing to maintain Bacloud's competitive edge.


RETN stepped in to provide Bacloud with network transit services, significantly enhancing the network quality, stability, and latency for Bacloud's clients. RETN's approach involved a thorough understanding of Bacloud's unique needs, leading to a custom-made solution that not only addressed the immediate requirements but also demonstrated scalability to meet future demands.

When Bacloud needed an additional network provider, despite the nearest Point of Presence (PoP) being 1.5 km away, RETN ensured that their services reached Bacloud without any additional fees. When Bacloud desired increased speed, RETN proactively upgraded the network equipment at their PoP to meet this requirement, showcasing RETN's ability to scale solutions in line with Bacloud's evolving needs.


The collaboration between Bacloud and RETN led to a notable improvement in network latency, significantly enhancing the overall client experience, especially for those located in distant countries. The implementation of RETN's solutions resulted in a more reliable and efficient network, contributing to operational excellence and customer satisfaction at Bacloud.

Andrius Petkus

CCO, Bacloud data center

"We've had an incredibly positive experience working with RETN. Adding their IP transit services to our portfolio 7 years ago marked the beginning of a near-flawless network performance era, and they keep the standards high ever since then. RETN's interventions have not only enhanced our network's quality but have also noticeably reduced latency in various countries. Their responsiveness to our needs, like the seamless hardware upgrade for increased network speed, exemplifies their commitment to service excellence. RETN comes highly recommended for any entity in need of superior network service solutions."

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