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Company overview

Vivacom is Bulgaria's industry-leading communications services provider and the country's largest mobile network operator (MNO) and triple-play operator. With 4 million residential, corporate, and wholesale customers, Vivacom offers cable and satellite TV services, supporting a modern and dynamic economy. The company operates 230 outlets nationwide and takes an innovative approach to developing and delivering technological solutions that meet its customers' needs.

Vivacom is part of the United Group with 12,500 employees.


Vivacom faced the challenge of expanding its operations from East to West. Despite having a strong network infrastructure in the Balkans, the company needed a partner capable of providing extensive international upstream IP Transit to enter other countries across Western Europe. Vivacom sought connectivity solutions that would allow them to sell their services and meet customer demands in regions where they did not have their own network.


To address its expansion challenge, Vivacom partnered with RETN, a global network service provider. RETN was tasked with implementing the necessary services to enable Vivacom's entry into new markets. This involved establishing connections to the UK, Netherlands and Germany with bandwidths up to 100G and upgrading Vivacom's IP Transit capacity. The implementation of these services was seamless, on-time, and working properly with the account management and engineering team providing very detailed support.

Velislav Yorgov

International Wholesale, Vivacom

"RETN has provided Vivacom with invaluable access to previously inaccessible transmission points, enabling us to successfully introduce four new services in strategic locations such as Vienna, London, and Frankfurt. In addition, RETN's IP services and capacity upgrade from 25.5G to 80G have significantly enhanced our capabilities. We continue to find RETN a flexible, reliable, and customer-focused partner for all our international connectivity needs outside the Balkan region.” 

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