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RETN & Infinera deliver hyperscale bandwidth from Nordics to Eastern Europe in record time



RETN was asked to deliver large capacity on a custom-specific route for a multinational technology client, providing diversity from other suppliers between the Nordics and Eastern Europe, and doing so extremely quickly.

With some providers typically taking six months, the customer had far more urgent requirements and only a little over a month to deploy and test capacity - time was of the essence.

The tight timeframe was only one of the challenges that RETN had to overcome. With the customer already having several different routes to its datacentre, the task was to build a unique route to avoid any interference or dependency on the customer's existing infrastructure, including an alternative entry point to the datacentre itself. Fortunately, in line with RETN’s growth strategy, it has recently launched several new metro network rings and was able to leverage deep expertise in building its own fibre cable networks to meet the customer’s requirements.


RETN was able to utilise circa 20 years of experience, strong teamwork, and intercompany cooperation to tackle the project successfully. Going forward, customers can have confidence in RETN's ability to deliver high volume capacity in short time frames based on this record-breaking project.

The most exciting part of the challenge was on the tech side. RETN needed to begin by carefully planning the spectrum to ensure maximum spectral efficiency. With such a large bandwidth volume, even a small error in planning could result in significant penalties. To accomplish this, it utilized the latest generation of optic engines, which required 0.72 THz of the spectrum or 15% of the total size of the C-band (4.8 THz). By comparison, the previous generation of optic engines required 1.27 dBm and a similar Q-value margin, or 26% of the C-band - highlighting the significant difference between the two generations.

Yurii Polovyi

Head of European Operations, Deputy COO, RETN

"Choosing the right vendor is always the key to successful network development and operation."

RETN had chosen Infinera as the primary vendor more than 15 years ago to always align with the latest generation of DWDM/OTN equipment. Infinera ICE6 optic engine based on the GX G42 platform helps RETN to achieve the best possible spectral efficiency with the shortest provision time.


The additional assignment for the project was that both endpoints were off-net, and RETN had to add them to its vast ROADM network. RETN's ROADM network is based on the Infinera FLEXILS system that allows quick deployment and integration of new locations with the existing network.

Nick Walden

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Infinera

“Infinera is delighted to partner with RETN and provide industry-leading optical networking solutions purpose-built to address growing capacity demands and deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

“With our ICE6-powered GX platform and FlexILS line system, RETN is equipped with an agile, high-performance and scalable transport infrastructure optimised for the evolving needs of its customers.”

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