RETN will perform at the UKOS 2021

Elena Lutsenko, Managing Director RETN Black Sea Region, will hold a session at the 11th Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators #UCOS on June 18th. The main topic of the intensive, held by Elena Lutsenko, is Who is The Real SuperMan in Sales.

Elena will discuss the following topics:

– What interferes, and what helps to interact with partners and clients?
– The role of emotions in negotiations.
– Mistakes that spoil the psyche and profitable contracts.
– 20 exclusive lifehacks for a great seller.

Ukrainian Conference of Communication Operators – the main large-scale event of the Ukrainian telecom market that is held yearly in Bukovel. The series of events will take place from 17th of June to 20th of June in Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel.


RETN Baltics became the authorized solution provider partner of DELL Technologies

We are proud to announce that RETN Baltics became the authorized solution provider partner of DELL Technologies.

Maxim Lukoshius, Chairman of the board, Technical Director of RETN Baltics: “ We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for all of our customers in the Baltic region and around the world. DELL was an obvious choice for us, we are both focused on providing market leading, reliable yet cost-effective solutions to our customers, by choosing DELL we are sure our customer will receive the seamless experience they expect. We look forward to continued cooperation with DELL and increased technical collaboration to further improve the RETN customer experience.”

To learn more about all RETN services check our website page.


RETN provides low latency terrestrial routes to Asia for customers are now connected to the RETN TRANSKZ network, one of the shortest terrestrial routes in the market, connecting Europe and Asia. This terrestrial network features a unique cable system, which allows our customers to benefit from lower latencies and higher service reliability on the way from Europe and Russia to Hong Kong and beyond.

TRANSKZ provides a valuable alternative to subsea cables. As a terrestrial cable system, it requires less time to repair in case of fiber cuts compared to subsea (hours vs. weeks). It is also shorter which improves its performance due to low network latencies. Having multiple alternative routes allows RETN to meet SLA with 99.7% availability. Leveraging the high level of network diversity, equipment resiliency and network performance, our client can offer their customers much better uptime, redundancy, and reliability.

Comment of Martijn Schmidt, VP of Network at

“The Eurasian connectivity solution is a new highlight in the close partnership between RETN and It complements already deployed infrastructure between Western and Eastern Europe based on RETN’s network running through Scandinavia, the Baltic states, and Ukraine. RETN always seems to exceed our expectations, especially when it comes to providing connectivity in the more challenging regions, and now on the whole way from Europe to Asia and back.

Over the years RETN demonstrated high expertise, combined with open and honest communication, flexible approach, and solid SLA’s. We are very happy to have a point of contact from RETN in different regions and receive excellent local service and support which allows us to have new connections up and running within a matter of a few days. Together, we are pushing the envelope in the world of online gaming for these regions.

We hope to help in connecting even more end-users across the globe to network in their pursuit to provide low latency to a billion users by 2025.”


RETN announces appointment of New CEO

The RETN Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Tony O’Sullivan as the new CEO. Tony has taken over reins as CEO from one of the RETN founders, Dmitry Samarin. Dmitry will remain with RETN as Chairman of the Board focusing on shareholders relations and strategy.


RETN deploys metro fiber-rings in London

The new ring-based architecture supports incremental traffic growth to the key data centres on RETN’s metro area network and facilitates migration to 100G technologies. For customers – a greater resilience and availability of high-capacity IP-transit service delivered in shorter timeframes.

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